Efficient Maintenance System

  • Client Server Applications using Firebird SQL Server
  • Controls the Swap & Repair Order Process
  • Strong Traceability Functionality using Serial Control
  • Picking and Shipping
  • Repair history
  • Warranty Tracking
  • Stock Control
  • Controls Local Repair and External Workshop Repair
  • Produces Invoice Data

The system also handles:

  • Multiple storages, including customer sites if required
  • Complete repair functionality
  • Complete history of each individual item handled
  • Order handling processes
  • RMA number handling
  • Import/Export data from/to several file formats.

and is very suitable for SPMS handling.

Welcome to GEL!

We create administrative software using powerful Windows tools like the relational database Firebird and Borland Delphi. Quality tracking is another of our features.

Our main product is EMS – Efficient Management Systems. It takes care of a lot of processes in the repair electronic industry. Read more about EMS on this web site.

Göran Ekman

Göran Ekman