The full document can be downloaded here: EMS-install-W7-64.docx

Admin rights
Make sure that you have full admin rights on the client. If not – contact an administrator.

User access on the server Make sure the local user has access to the CommonDir on the server.

Install program (Setup.EXE) You can use any version of the install program. The version of the exe files are not important for the install process.
New versions will be automatically installed when you start EMS.

1.4       Search path to the server

You need to know the full name of the server and the directories where the EMS database is installed.

1.5       Existing installation

In case you already have a working installation of EMSw on your old computer: make a copy of the local EMS directory (C:EMSw) on your file server. When the new install is done you can copy the directory back to the new computer at the new location.

Setup a test environment
Upgrading EMS to a new release