In order to create a test environment, please follow this guideline. Please note that the actual hard drives and directory names in the examples might be different on your computer.

On the local computer:

  1. Make a full copy of your current local C:\emsw directory.
    Name the new directory c:\emswtest
  2. Goto the new directory emswtest
  3. Edit the file c:\emswtest\emswpriv.ini
  4. Change the line
    Currentdb=emsw    —>    Currentdb=emswtest
  5.  Add the setting in the section [TESTDATA]:
  6. Save and close

On the server:

  1. Go to the servers database directory (normally  e:\emswdata)
  2. Copy the current production database and add the word “test”: emsw.gdb. —> emswtest.gdb

 Goto the CommonDir on the server (normally E:\EMSw)

  1. Edit the file emswpubl.ini
  2. Add one line in the [DATABASE] section:
  3. Emswtest=<server name>:e:\emswdata\emswtest.gdb
    (Actually – it should look the same as the original line, except for the name of the db.)
  4. Save and close.

On the local computer

  1. Go to the directory c:\emswtest and start emsw.exe.
    Now you should be running EMS in the the test environment with a red border at the bottom showing that you run in test mode.



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