1       Create a database copy
1.1      No users attached
Make sure that no users are working in EMS. Log out from all clients.

1.2      Create a backup copy
Use the CMD files that normally is used for daily backups and create a GBK file. See example of such a file below.
You can request such a file from GEL in case you don´t have one on your server. Normally they are placed somewhere in the database directory on the server.

The backup is normally found in the database directory.


You can below see the normal difference in size between a working file and backup GBK file.


2       Download the new EMS version
2.1      ftp://emsw:EMSw1@ftp.gel.se
Put the address in any browser.  Download the Upgrade client.
Put the Upgrade client in the local EMSw folder (i.e. C:\EMSW) then start it.

Make sure no users are logged on to EMS while you do the upgrade.

Start the Upgrade client. If everything is ok the button Upgrade will be active and you can click on it to start the automatic upgrade process.
You can see what version you currently are using and the version of the database. This is just for your information.
(In case the upgrade button is not active you might already have the proper version.  Or something else is wrong.
You can then extract all files from the Upgrade file by clicking on Extract Data and choose a folder to extract to. You then need to manually copy the files to where they should be.)


Then start your local EMS. You will get the question below and you should answer Yes. The automatic upgrade will begin with the message below.

ska%cc%88rmavbild-2016-10-04-kl-20-13-27 ska%cc%88rmavbild-2016-10-04-kl-20-14-08

After the upgrade you can start you updated EMS in the normal way and log on.  You now have the new version.


How to setup EMS on Windows 7/64 in EAB.